finished basement


We would like to point out that every single picture displayed on our website is an ebcon original picture of our own work over the last 24 years or so. There are no "stock" images used on our site. Be careful whose work you think you're looking at.


We work for creative customers, whose recreation areas are functional, beautiful, and unique. 

when you  start with a great design and then build to rigorous standards, you can guarantee each & every project will be amazing!


Whether you want a theater area or a designated theatre room, we will assist you in making it a special place to gather for family movie night or celebrate your favorite team's victory. 

Our basement theater designs will surely enhance your viewing pleasure.


We build custom bars with drywall and/or wood paneling. These are not pre-fabricated cabinetry simply installed, but created to fit the space and use of the homeowner. We are also able to blend custom construction and purchased cabinetry installed with trimwork and details if the homeowner wishes pre-fab cabinets. Professional bar design services are also available.


EBCON uses arches in a variety of applications, sometimes to hide problems and sometimes just for aesthetics. Many times we use them to tie together the lally columns or “posts” that are all too often all over the basement. There are many different types of arches, from the contemporary “half circle,” the subtle “eyebrow,” to the traditional “elliptical”. Name your style, and we can build you an arch that will compliment your space.


EBCON is passionate about ceilings. We offer a variety of creative AND beautiful ways to hide HVAC ductwork, sprinkler pipes, water lines, gas lines, and wiring, without cheapening the look of your basement with a drop ceiling. Ceiling framing that uses symmetry, balance, and scale with an overall plan designed to employ the ceiling to delineate basement areas is key to a good design. Don't overlook the ceiling!


Can’t picture your basement as a warm, comfortable living space? View these dramatic transformations.


A full bath has a tub/shower installation, while a three-quarter bath has a shower but no tub, and a powder room has neither. The average EBCON bathroom adds eight to ten thousand dollars to your basement project, is very convenient, and really adds to your home’s overall value.