Design Only


Would you like to tackle the basement construction yourself, with the security of some professional advice when you need it?

EBCON Services offers a complete basement design package and a la carte options to help you ensure that your basement meets Township Code, is built using best practices, and truly adds value to your home.

Our Full Design Plan starts with a 2-hr± consultation that takes place in your home. This is your time to bring up questions, get a second opinion on your ideas, and design a plan to fit your needs perfectly within your space and budget.

Eric will create one set of plans drawn to scale. These blueprints/plans will include text that satisfies Township concerns and Codes. EBCON is familiar with local and national Building Code, and your plans will comply.

After your plans are delivered, you can have one round of changes at no extra cost, just to be sure you've got exactly what you were looking for.

Whatever your level of experience or expertise, EBCON can answer your questions and fill in the gaps so you can have peace of mind while saving money and expanding the livable space in your home. Don't let uncertainty stall your renovation project and drain your enthusiasm. Consult an expert, and get on with the job!

Plan #6 - Final Rendering 

Plan #6 - Final Panoramic View (Taken from an iPhone)


Full Design Plan - Price range most often falls between $800-1200. 

Includes phone & site consultation, plans. Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. 

Bill of Materials List $300. 

An estimate to bring you very close to actual materials needed. Includes names and addresses of suppliers. 

Laser layout $155./hr 

Layout of walls on floors and ceiling, to be built by you or your contractor.

"We had considered hiring an architect to lay out plans for us, but you made that unnecessary."