About Us

Our goal is to build you a basement that has style and exhibits symmetry with a sense of scale and proportion. These design considerations are strategic in making sure your basement doesn’t end up looking utilitarian when building around inherent basement obstacles. Ceiling design is of the utmost importance in trying to achieve that end. Our attention to the “small details” make a huge difference in the look and feel of your basement, and ultimately your financial investment.

Owner Eric Boyer does all the design work and is passionately involved in every project. All involved are honest, respectful, and exhibit the highest level of integrity. We use only trustworthy subcontractors with which we have established relationships. (We have used the same plumber and drywall sub for over a decade!). Eric's passion (some would say- obsession) is in the details of your job, he LIVES his work, and his clients benefit from that commitment. Nobody is perfect, but Eric will most certainly try his best to achieve perfect results. If you need it done "yesterday," please look elsewhere, as Rome was not built in a day. Give us adequate time and YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!

We are not a franchise or “chain” that subs out your job to the lowest bidder. We value quality and integrity above price.

"A basement finish equals a kitchen remodel as the best financial return of all home renovations, but only if the quality matches the rest of the house."

-The Appraisal Institute